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    Industrial software

    We control the essentials.

    With us, passion meets years of experience in PLC and robot programming for mechanical engineering and production companies. Our custom software and product solutions set new standards and make your plants fit for Industry 4.0.

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    Let's work on what we do best!

    Our focus

    We’re on the road to success together! How? Glad you asked! You deal with the assembly and electrical engineering, while we get stuck into developing the software for your machines and systems. The focus here is on the control technology and control topology.


    Our services for your project

    From commissioning, to optimizations and retrofitting - Let’s work together to take your machine control systems to new heights.

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    New installations


    Based on your mechanical and electrical information (3D drawings, device descriptions, Eplan, component list) we’ll utilize our finely-honed skills as a manufacture to develop and implement the PLC software to control your new plants. If required, we’ll use our PLC framework as our own software standard. In combination with our comprehensive knowledge of machine safety, we ensure sustainable results in line with extremely stringent safety and technology standards. Our focus is on:

    • Basic programming
    • Initial commissioning at your machine store or at the end customer's site
    • Coordinating commissioning across your business
    • Connecting data to higher-level control systems
    • If desired, technical and organizational management of project activities
    Existing plants


    Our developers have extensive practical experience in resolving software issues and are proficient with systems from a wide range of manufacturers. This expertise means that we can smoothly integrate new source codes, as well as optimize and stabilize your automated processes. We’re able to take your machine control systems to a whole new level and we can act as the go-between for mechanical engineering and production operations:

    • Optimizing software, making modifications or extending plants collaborating with themechanical engineering department, as well as production operations
    • Replacing control and switch cabinets on site at manufacturing plants
    • Providing support via remote maintenance, e.g. in the event of machine downtimes during operation
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    Legacy systems


    Transforming your old equipment into brand-spanking new machinery! Just sit back and let us modernize the control technology and source code for your old plants - whether that's planning and creating the concept for a retrofit, to optimizing the software, to recommissioning the modernized control technology and existing mechanics.

    It’s not just about the code

    Focus on your benefits

    No hassle throughout the entire project: our extensive support gives you far more than just technical expertise.


    Hohe Flexibilität


    Garantierte Qualität






    SPS Koordination


    Extraordinary flexibility

    Our project teams are put together specifically for your requirements and can be adapted to your current needs over the course of the project.


    Guaranteed quality

    We’re able resolve your requests or software issues properly, not just by using "quick fixes”, as we want to get things right first time. What we do is sustainable and always compliant with your software framework, in line with the most rigorous quality standards.


    Team spirit

    We don’t just bring our expertise to the table, we love what we do, and we’re motivated to ensure that you can bring your ideas to life as a team.


    We’re close by

    Whether it’s on-site or via remote service, we’re always there to support your plants and machines, right where you need us.


    PLC coordination

    If required, our software engineers will support you on the operations side with planning projects when it comes to coordinating any questions and strategies related to control technology.

    Any questions?

    Feel free to get in touch.

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